5 Steps to Find the Perfect Babysitter

5 Steps to Find the Perfect Babysitter

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Have you been struggling with finding the perfect babysitter for your family? With Babysits you can easily find a babysitter online without going through a complicated agency process. You can easily screen candidates based on your needs and start contacting people within a matter of minutes. Read our 5 tips to help you find the perfect babysitter for your next night out.

How to find a babysitter steps

What are your needs?

Do you want a babysitter to work for you on a regular basis? Or are you simply looking for a one-time appointment? Figure out what you want and specify this clearly in your profile description. In this way, you communicate your information clearly to babysitters who are looking for work.

What are your requirements?

On your profile you let babysitters know when you need them, what tasks you want them to perform and how much you are willing to pay. Be as specific as possible – this will help you to get attention from babysitters who fulfill your requirements.

Ready to search?

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Use the search page to look for babysitters in your area. You can filter by availability, experience and skills. We recommend that you keep an eye out for our supersitters: they have an above-average response rate and time as well as excellent ratings from other parents.

Which attributes are most important to you?

When finding a babysitter, it is important to select someone who suits your family’s needs. Most often, parents seek a babysitter whose availability matches with theirs. However, having a babysitter with excellent ratings and years of experience is important too. Additionally, looking at the candidates’ previous experiences and any references they might have can help you decide whom to choose as your perfect babysitter.

Now you’re ready to hire!

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Once you’ve used Babysits’ messaging service to contact the babysitter and have a positive feeling about them, book a meet & greet to get to know them in-person. Keep in mind that your children should also get along with the babysitter and feel comfortable around them. Once you’ve considered your options and made a choice, it’s time to schedule your first Babysits booking and introduce your new babysitter to your children!

Do you have an event or appointment coming up but no specific plan as to who is looking out for your kids? We’ve got you covered! Sign up to Babysits and find a babysitter today! You can also use Babysits to find a nanny.

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